Scorpio born on November 12

Planet: Pluto

As born on November 12 you are a person who is in touch with the deepest dreams of the collective.

You can create a vision that has power and a mesmerizing intensity that has qualities of a fairy tale or myth.

This you do by your art, or your life itself, you are truly memorable and never forgotten.

You are sensitive and deeply emotional, and at times can get overwhelmed by a huge sense of sadness at the suffering you see in the world.

You can be quite inconsolable and are prone to addictions, until you learn to channel these feelings into your creativity.

Your relationships are the stuff of great dramas, with intense highs and lows.

You need a partner who is willing to stand by you and share the emotions with you.

You adore the movies and a good old-fashioned romantic epic such as Gone with the Wind is food for your soul.