Scorpio born on November 10

Planet: Pluto

As born on November 10 you are a purposeful and ambitious person.

From early on in life you know what you want to achieve and set your sights high.

You have the ability to tackle difficult issues, and with your strong moral and physical courage, you usually succeed.

If, however, you fail and get overlooked on your way to the top, your frustration can create health issues.

You are adept at regeneration and can transform raw materials into gold, whether it’s a building, a company, or yourself.

You are a pragmatic person but will not compromise your principles.

This can lead to others seeing you as being inflexible.

Relationships are serious for you, and you marry for love and financial security.

Relaxation is vital for your emotional well-being.

Your lack of flexibility would be remedied by a freestyle jazz dance form.