Taurus born on May 9

Planet: Venus

You are an inspired person who is searching for truth.

In youth you are rather wild and attracted by physical beauty, but as you grow older, it’s wisdom that turns you on.

As born on May 9 you always see possibilities and grasp opportunities as they come your way.

This impulsiveness is based on a gut feeling that is invariably right.

You have the soul of a gypsy.

Living on a desert island just for the experience would be the thrill of a lifetime.

Your life has an epic quality about it and you are born to roam.

In your relationships you need someone who is both physically beautiful and willing to explore with you what life has to offer.

Despite your bohemian nature, you are not suited to casual flings.

If you get itchy feet, still them by studying philosophy, or take short breaks to the world’s sacred sites.