Taurus born on May 8

Planet: Venus

You are a charismatic person with a magnetic effect on those you meet.

Your quiet and affable demeanor hides an intensely creative and forceful personality who prefers to let their actions speak for them.

You are a night owl and are happy working late into the small hours.

People know they need to keep on your right side because there is a hint of danger about you.

You take risks and live on the edge.

As born on May 8 you are strategic in business and your instinct for survival ensures that you rarely get caught out.

Your strong fighting spirit will see you through the worst situations.

You are devoted to your partner and remain true to them through good times and bad.

Your secrecy can be tough on them, so open up – they will love you more for it.

Martial arts are a wonderful antidote to the stress that comes with your way of life.