Taurus born on May 6

Planet: Venus

You care for the well-being of others and give wise guidance and practical help.

You aspire to a life of simplicity close to nature, yet find yourself caught in trivia – bogged down with paperwork, for example.

You feel that your work is never done and can spend long hours at the office or running the household.

You set impossibly high standards and so are best working for yourself.

Ethical and very good with money, you have a large dose of common sense, although at times you can lose your vision and what you are really working to achieve.

As born on May 6 you are a loyal and faithful partner and attracted to physical beauty.

You really enjoy yourself when you get to indulge in a good meal and a fine bottle of wine with that special someone.

For your own sake, make sure you relax and learn to put work aside in the evenings.