Taurus born on May 5

Planet: Venus

You are a regal person with a deep inner belief that you were born to lead.

You put your whole heart in anything you do and will take risks.

You are a shining example to others, who admire your confidence and self assurance.

When you walk into a room it is lit up by your presence.

As born on May 5 you are great fun and are always ready to entertain friends with a song and dance.

You have conventional values and a respect for authority.

In a love-relationship you are very affectionate and tactile.

As long as your partner gives you attention, you are perfectly content and happy.

Problems arise when you feel neglected and your pride is hurt.

Pouring your energy into hosting a fancy-dress party or some other celebratory social event would release your creativity and help to restore your natural lust for life.