Taurus born on May 4

Planet: Venus

You are a private and quiet person with tremendous nurturing qualities.

People feel at ease in your company as you are as much of a listener as you are a talker.

You care deeply about your friends and family and there is always a welcoming meal and a hug when they arrive.

As born on May 4 you are a natural earth-mother type, whatever your gender, and could make a success out of the hotel or catering business.

You are canny and able to spot a bargain, so are a great person to have at an auction or garage sale.

You are protective and can be overly possessive and protective of your family.

On the other hand, you can be hyper-sensitive and far too easily upset by criticism.

You need a partner who shares your concerns, yet has a more objective viewpoint to balance you.

Watch your diet; you are prone to eat when upset.