Gemini born on May 31

Planet: Mercury

You are a lively person with a soft heart.

Sensitive to the mood of the public, and with the ability to express the feelings of those who cannot speak for themselves, you are suited to being a spokesperson for a group.

You delight in being with people and have a host of friends and family eager to see you.

As born on May 31 you keep everyone in touch with each other and have the tendency to worry if someone disappears from your radar; remember, they may just want time to themselves.

Your chatty and charming persona is well suited to working with the elderly because you can cheer them up just by being you.

You often feel your partner is so familiar you’ve known them all your life, and you can end up marrying the boy/girl next door.

At times you can take what people say too personally.

Brush off their comments with a winning smile.