Taurus born on May 3

Planet: Venus

You are an agile and flexible person with considerable ability to sway people to see things your way.

You do this in such a subtle manner that they think the idea is theirs, which is fine with you – as long as they come round to your way of thinking, you are happy.

This talent makes you a superb negotiator and mediator.

As born on May 3 you have fine reasoning powers and would make a good teacher because people like you.

You are quick to grasp concepts and apply what you learn in a practical manner.

You work well with young people and students, who see you as one of them, even if you are considerably older.

When you’re in love you can stay up all night talking to your beloved.

High intakes of caffeine or sugar can make you edgy and difficult, so be kind to your body – your friends will thank you for it.