Gemini born on May 29

Planet: Mercury

You are a natural reformer, an extraordinary person with an unusual way of expressing yourself that is highly engaging.

A free thinker, you are one of a kind, with revolutionary ideas that can be ahead of their time.

As born on May 29 you come across as being light-hearted, but this impression belies the deep connection you have in your soul with the rest of humanity and your belief that you are here to serve them.

Your intention is to make the world a better place by what you say.

In love you need an intellectual equal and best friend, but you shy away from deep emotions.

Your need for a lot of personal space can prevent true intimacy with your partner.

Lack of exercise can be a problem, especially if you tend to spend hours each day working at a desk; try to make time in your schedule for pilates or gentle yoga to stretch your limbs.