Gemini born on May 28

Planet: Mercury

You are a serious yet fun person.

A disciplined writer and wordsmith, you are prepared to work diligently over a long period of time to craft the finest letter, poem or piece of prose you possibly can.

You have an ‘old head on young shoulders’ and can be promoted early in your career to a high position.

Bosses like the respect you give them.

You can say ‘yes’ on impulse then change your mind and take forever to come to a final decision.

As born on May 28 you are shrewd and have a quick mind, so are well suited to business, especially with your aptitude for maths, finance and admin.

In relationships you are serious; you could be content with an older partner.

You love solitude and so would get on best with someone who has their own career or is happy to do their own thing without you.

Your meditation would be writing your novel.