Gemini born on May 25

Planet: Mercury

You are a gifted communicator who can charm the birds from the trees.

Extremely sociable, you adore being with people and fill your diary with social events and outings.

You love the buzz of city life, even when you’re not working; exploring the world’s great cities – especially in Europe – is the ideal vacation.

As born on May 25 you are a good friend and are always available for a chat.

You are impartial, so people turn to you when there is a dispute.

Your aim in life is to make people happy, and largely you succeed.

You have a large circle of friends.

Your partner needs to be seen as desirable, because appearance matters to you.

They also have to have a good mind or you’ll get bored.

You cannot bear to be anywhere that’s unpleasant.

When stressed you need to get away to a peaceful, beautiful sanctuary to restore your inner peace.