Gemini born on May 24

Planet: Mercury

You are a down-to-earth person who applies what you learn in a practical way.

You desire to be truly in service to others.

As born on May 24 you are quite critical and have a strong perfectionist streak.

This trait can create the frustration of having a lot of projects that never get finished because you can’t bear to let them go until they are ‘just so’.

In spite of this, you have ability to make good decisions and to think on your feet.

Working in the fast-moving radio, TV or stock market worlds would be good for you because they would teach you to meet deadlines.

You are always on the go and this hectic lifestyle can put a strain on your relationships.

Your desire for perfectionism extends to your partner, who has to be good-looking, intellectual and witty! Relax and acknowledge the fact that no one is perfect.