Gemini born on May 22

Planet: Mercury

You have a way with words that can win the hearts of children and adults alike.

You are a great thinker yet make decisions that are led by your emotions.

As born on May 22 you have a light-hearted attitude to life and people adore being in your convivial company.

You work well with children because you share their eagerness to learn and absorb new ideas.

At times you can appear unsure of yourself as you are impressionable and changeable depending on the latest advice you’ve been given.

You marry young as you adore kids and family life.

You fall in love at the drop of a hat and you need constant affection and cuddles.

However, your moodiness can drive a partner away.

Watch what you eat and take the advice of a nutritionist as your digestive system is sensitive to your swings in emotions.