Taurus born on May 21

Planet: Venus

You are a Peter Pan, with a butterfly-esque mind, darting from one thing to another.

You are a cerebral and self-analysing person who loves facts and collecting information.

Surprisingly, you also love playing games, the sillier the better.

As born on May 21 you are on the move all day long, and were born with a phone in your hand.

Sometimes you are so busy multi-tasking and communicating with the world that you forget the person you are with.

Loved ones can find this distracting and after a while very irritating.

Turning your mobile and the internet off in the evening and focussing your attention on your partner and friends will reap huge rewards.

Be aware that your sharp mind can come across as brisk or even cutting, especially when you’re tired.

Slow down, relax with a cup of tea and allow your partner to truly comfort you.