Taurus born on May 2

Planet: Venus

You are a smooth operator with an overwhelming attraction to beauty in all forms.

You naturally gravitate to the worlds of fashion, art and the cosmetics industry.

You are a very tactile and physical person, extremely down to earth and with excellent powers of endurance.

You care about your appearance, but exercising is a bit hit or miss – you either take pride in training your body so you are fit and toned or you are the couch potato!

As born on May 2 you work at a slow and steady pace and have a deep desire for calm in your life.

This control means you can swallow your anger and push down feelings, yet at times you unexpectedly blow your top.

You are attracted to fiery types who are imaginative and intuitive.

Dancing to rock music is a great way for you to release some of your control and let your hair down.