Taurus born on May 18

Planet: Venus

You are a ‘big picture’ kind of person, a visionary who is on a mission to bring beauty and inspiration into the lives of others.

You can be deeply philosophical and spiritual from an early age – you are always seeking the meaning of life.

Because of this you have a strong need to explore and see the world, though you also need a comfortable home base.

As born on May 18 you travel to expand your mind and broaden your experience; you are attracted to places way off the beaten track and are not fazed by things that are ‘different’.

Your practicality ensures your success when it comes to manifesting your vision.

In love you are warm and generous.

You crave excitement and are easily bored, so it is important you find ways of keeping the flame of passion alive.

Guard against taking on too much and not giving yourself enough rest.