Taurus born on May 17

Planet: Venus

You are an enigmatic and glamorous person with a hypnotic gaze.

You like to hide behind dark glasses or tinted windows because you prefer to see the world rather than be seen.

As born on May 17 you move in interesting circles and are not fazed by those who inhabit the sleazier parts of town.

People can be fooled into thinking of you as a light-hearted charmer, but you can be a formidable opponent.

You love debating and will play devil’s advocate just to stir things up and increase the excitement.

You are able to make dramatic changes in your life.

You either love or hate – for you there are no shades of grey.

An ardent and deeply committed lover, you tend to have one mate for life.

Sometimes you take life too seriously, and so it is important that you allow yourself to laugh and have fun.