Taurus born on May 13

Planet: Venus

You are a lyrical, poetic soul whose concern for people extends way beyond your own family.

You can touch the hearts of many folk by your natural ability to make them feel cherished.

But you can be a soft touch and will put your hand in your pocket any time you are asked, especially if the cause concerns the welfare of animals or children.

This is a very special quality but take care not to let others take advantage of it.

Your childhood was, and still is, very important to you.

Family life suits you.

You take time before you commit, because you need to be sure.

As born on May 13 you are a stable and nurturing partner who mothers people, including your beloved.

But make sure you don’t smother them – they need to breathe! You need to take time out to give to yourself space; a day being pampered at a spa would be ideal.