Taurus born on May 12

Planet: Venus

You are a highly spiritual person, supremely creative, with a compelling vision for life and spellbinding ideas.

You could become a visionary musician or artist who inspires others, such is the depth of the field of creativity surrounding you.

You aim high and follow your dreams.

You travel far – often ending up living overseas – in your search for a place you feel is paradise on Earth.

You are an impossible romantic – the corniest of songs appeal to your soft heart.

As born on May 12 ou fall in love with love, and can be deeply disappointed when it all goes wrong, sinking into self-pity.

A partner who is faithful is high on your list of priorities.

Prone to moodiness and highly sensitive, you need to watch your alcohol intake.

Calling up a friend who can console you is the best way to lift your spirits.