Taurus born on May 10

Planet: Venus

You are a resourceful and conscientious person with a great deal of integrity.

As you climb the career ladder you see your work as a labour of love.

You appreciate formality and good manners and have a dignified and graceful presence.

You value old-fashioned virtues such as honour, politeness and courtesy.

As born on May 10 you are a serious professional but you also love your home life.

You want the highest standards.

Nothing but the best will do and you save up until you can afford the things you want.

You’ll spend on improving your home and take pride in a well-tended garden.

Romance brings out the sensualist in you.

You are very affectionate with a bawdy sense of humour that only those close to you see.

Gardening or pottery will help relax both mind and body, and allow you to express your artistic side.