Aries born on March 31

Planet: Mars

You are a natural carer and protector, with huge ambitions to do something positive for the planet.

You can be daring and original with your ideas, taking them out into the world and never fretting about how others will perceive them.

As born on March 31 you have the ability to tune into what people need and will give it to them by saying exactly what they want to hear.

You also have the drive to get things done.

A secure family base is a necessity, providing a much-needed refuge after your travels.

You can rush into things and fling yourself headfirst into projects without thought, then get upset when things don’t turn out as you expected.

If you swallow your feelings, your frustration can take its toll.

Participating in team games for all the family – which have the element of fun rather than competition – is the answer.