Aries born on March 30

Planet: Mars

You are a born optimist and your joie de vivre lights up a room when you enter.

You have a strong inner core, you know what you want, but can be easily distracted with too many irons in the fire.

Your gifts are many and your versatility is your asset – and this is the reason people like you – you can relate.

As born on March 30 you have musical talent and can easily imitate others – you have an ear for the latest slang.

Your energetic approach can wear others out and because you speak so fast some can find you too abrupt.

Learning the art of pausing will serve you well.

Your soulmate has to be someone who adores you and gives you the stability you need.

You enjoy the cut and thrust of city life and your idea of relaxing is hanging out at a buzzing cafe or bar.

Take time to watch and listen, so your ideas can focus.