Aries born on March 27

Planet: Mars

You are larger than life, an adventurer who travels far in many ways.

As born on March 27 you are highly intuitive, very friendly and warm-hearted but can occasionally be highly strung and impatient with others who do not share your ideals.

You have an intense moral certainty.

A born philosopher and talker, you can speak for hours when campaigning about your pet cause.

You have strong entrepreneurial skills.

A big personality with fire in your belly, you can motivate others.

When you’re in love you give yourself wholeheartedly.

You suffer badly if let down, because rarely do you anticipate this possibility.

Heal your wounds by escaping to the great outdoors; you’d enjoy going on safari or a camping trip to somewhere exotic and hot.

Adventure re-inspires you and restores your high spirits.