Aries born on March 26

Planet: Mars

As born on March 26 you are a hypnotic and powerful person with magnetic appeal.

You are unstoppable and once you set your mind on something you make sure you get it, by whatever means.

You have a sharp mind and a sardonic sense of humour which serves to balance the underlying determination of your actions.

You are unstoppable and push yourself to the limits.

People admire your courage as you are gracious in defeat, but you always come back to fight another day.

There is a refreshing honesty in what you say; you tell it how it is.

Some call this brutal, others love your frankness.

In relationships and work, once you commit, you are in it for the duration.

You are a passionate lover.

To relax you need to let off steam; strengthening exercises – such as weightlifting or digging up the garden – are excellent.