Aries born on March 21

Planet: Mars

As born on March 21 you are a lively person who communicates passionately.

Your sharp mind can be used to solve practical problems and you are very quick to learn but consequently can easily get bored.

You are always ready for action, adaptable and highly versatile, and will take up any challenge offered.

A natural debater, you think on your feet and have a ready wit.

However, you do have a tendency – on many an occasion – to speak first and think later, which can lead to a reputation for being outspoken and slightly insensitive.

Your mind works so fast you tend to interrupt others – which they can find annoying.

Never fire off an email or text if upset or angry – wait to cool down.

Divert yourself with a sport or martial art that needs mental agility or you could try gentle, stress-reducing t’ai chi.