Pisces born on March 1

Planet: Neptune

As born on March 1 you are a warm and optimistic person with a soft and sentimental heart.

Extremely gifted, especially at music, you have the imagination and the initiative to be a pioneer.

You think on your feet, but can be impetuous and rush ahead without considering all the angles, much to the chagrin of others.

With your courage and compassion you do well when actively helping others, especially if travel is an essential part of the job.

You are not afraid to speak your mind, but can have a reputation for being temperamental.

This comes from an inner fear of not being recognized for your abilities.

A loving relationship will go a long to way helping you find balance in your life.

You fall in love easily, and are very romantic.

An active sport that lets you express all your frustrations such as rally driving is perfect.