Gemini born on June 9

Planet: Mercury

You are warm and enthusiastic with a delightful gift of the gab.

As born on June 9 you can make intuitive leaps of understanding that take the breath away.

You are likeable and popular and have many friends from different backgrounds.

You are forever bursting with excitement about a latest project, which tends to involve a host of people from all over the world.

You see life as an adventure.

You are attracted to study the great thinkers and philosophers in history, and love immersing yourself in ancient knowledge.

You fall in love with people from other cultures and it’s more than likely that you end up marrying a foreigner.

You can be juvenile when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Your need for freedom to roam makes it difficult for you to settle in one place.

Running is the perfect exercise for you to use up all your excess energy.