Gemini born on June 8

Planet: Mercury

As born on June 8 you are a natural joker with a scathing wit, which can be used to great effect in politics or when crusading for a cause you believe in.

You have a rapier-like skill with words that can make fools out of your enemies, especially those who mistakenly mark you down as a lightweight.

You are a wonderful counsellor because you understand human emotions and offer sound advice.

Your ability to laugh in the face of adversity gives you a resilience that others admire.

At times you scatter your energies and can change allegiance on a whim, completely wrong-footing those who believe in you.

You need a passionate partner who understands that your jokes hide a sensitive soul and is not put off when your temper gets the better of you.

A long hot bath soothes you when life gets too hectic.