Gemini born on June 7

Planet: Mercury

As born on June 7 you are a charmer and make a delightful host with your ability to bring people together.

They love being in your company as you have an uncanny knack of knowing what to say and when to say it – to soothe and make everyone feel at ease.

You are artistic by trade or by soul, with a great sense of style.

You have a bright and breezy manner which is refreshing and cheers people up.

You love travelling to new places.

In your love life you thrive when your partner shares your busy life.

You are loyal but because you can see both points of view you can seem unsupportive; there are times when your partner needs to know that you are unequivocally on their side.

When you’re at home relaxing, turn off the TV and give your full attention to your partner.

Talking will calm your mind and benefit your relationship.