Gemini born on June 6

Planet: Mercury

You are a conscientious person who would never let anyone down.

You are here to be of service and give your practical expertise to benefit others.

As born on June 6 you have a dry wit which you sometimes use to flirt discreetly.

Your fine analytical mind is suited to work in which detail matters.

You have good hand-eye coordination which is brilliant for sport or technical design.

You are someone with a lot of hobbies because you get bored if your mind isn’t constantly stimulated.

In romance you love the chase and need someone who is devoted to you.

Marry someone who keeps you young.

Your helpfulness is your biggest asset, but be aware of being over-used in this role.

Any self-pity is most unattractive so put your energies into creativity – carving or painting will totally absorb you.