Gemini born on June 5

Planet: Mercury

Although you have a regal bearing, you are a relaxed and approachable person at heart.

You are a born storyteller and can’t resist embellishing your life with brilliantly observed anecdotes which can somewhat stretch the truth.

However, you are a person with integrity and the stories are for entertainment purposes only.

As a self-dramatist you are, as born on June 5, ideally suited to the movie or media world.

The other field you could do well in is sales because you can convince people to buy anything.

Your innate mischieviousness certainly livens up a dull world.

In romance you are very fussy and want the best – mere mortals need not apply!

Playing charades is a wonderful way for you to let off steam because you are so good at it and you are certain to get the applause you love.