Gemini born on June 4

Planet: Mercury

You are a kind and charming person with a deep connection to the past and to your family and ancestry.

Your ability to remember and record is ideally suited to the occupation of diarist or writer, especially of children’s fiction.

As born on June 4you need to create a home with lots of activity for all the family, and there is always a group activity in full-flow.

You love going on outings to places you knew as a child and they bring back memories of the great times you had.

The way to your heart is an easy path; you are turned on by the sound of a person’s voice and if they can cook like your mother did, all the better.

Your partner is undoubtedly your best friend and more like a brother/sister at times.

When you’re tired of talking, it’s best to eat your childhood favourites; you’ll feel comforted by the taste and the memories.