Cancer born on June 26

Planet: The Moon

You are a charismatic and intensely emotional person who is unforgettable.

There is an air of mystery about you and you can be a master of disguise.

When hurt you sulk and can retreat into your shell for a long time until your wounds are healed.

You delve into your emotions and love to investigate the dark side of life.

You are a superb detective and you love to be entrusted with secrets.

You are attracted to a career in the police force or forensics.

As born on June 26 you are tenacious and determined and have an inner core that can survive almost anything.

You need to be adored and usually have many suitors.

The one you choose understands that your defences hide a soft and sensitive underbelly.

A family outing with a difference such as visiting underground caves will thrill and fascinate you.