Gemini born on June 21

Planet: Mercury

You are a light-hearted and sociable person with an insatiable curiosity about life.

You love words and expressing yourself whether through poetry or song.

You have an eternally youthful air about you and are in touch with your inner child.

As born on June 21 you are a great conversationalist and have an excellent memory for names and remember the tiniest detail about people’s lives.

You genuinely like people – unless they are rude – and in return they like you.

You are concerned for the welfare of others, which serves you well as a social worker.

Relationships are a top priority in your life and you need to have a mental affinity with your partner.

You can chat and joke at times to avoid your deeper feelings.

You tend to scatter your energies, so a calming cup of herbal tea will soothe you.