Gemini born on June 20

Planet: Mercury

You are a natural poet, someone who can translate ideas into form whether it is music, art or letters of verse.

As a natural wordsmith you can be seduced by someone with a silver tongue, but you need time to discover if they are genuine.

You give the impression of being unpredictable, but deep down you are a stable person who appreciates security.

As born on June 20 you have an innate common sense and can be depended upon once you commit.

You are attracted to wild types who are your exact opposite.

You can be a muse for an artist, as you inspire them to greatness.

When stressed you crave sugar but over-indulgence only makes you feel worse.

Reach for a book of Rumi’s poetry instead of a chocolate bar.

Alternatively reach out to friends on Facebook – it was invented for you.