Gemini born on June 2

Planet: Mercury

You are a sensual person with a strong intellect.

There are two sides to you – you can think both with the heart and the head.

You are often rushing around the city one minute, then relaxing in a garden with a bottle of wine the next.

Luckily, you do realize the need to balance your active social life with some downtime.

As born on June 2 you are a stylish person who loves to keep up to date with fashion.

You tend to take everything at face value, to the detriment of your spiritual side.

Relationships are vital for you and you are never alone for long.

You flirt outrageously because you love the opposite sex and they love you, too.

Yet in your heart you are both incredibly loyal and faithful.

You relax best when you are using all your senses, so preparing and cooking an exotic meal is your idea of fun.