Gemini born on June 18

Planet: Mercury

You are inquisitive, eternally young and a flamboyant communicator.

As born on June 18 you have a storyteller’s gift.

Your stories are worth listening to because they usually have a deeper meaning and a moral to them.

You are an optimist, always seeing the bright side even after you’ve received one of life’s hard knocks.

You can be impatient and win most debates because of your agile mind.

You learn how to survive by using your wits to get you out of trouble.

With close partners you can come across as high and mighty because you truly believe you know best and are right.

This will cause fights which you see as a chance to show off your superior way with words and win.

Ask yourself, do you want to be right or happy? You need to stretch your body and mind.

Hiking in the great outdoors is ideal relaxation for you.