Gemini born on June 16

Planet: Mercury

You are very persuasive and eloquent with a way of disarming people.

As born on June 16 you believe strongly that justice and truth matter.

You have strong diplomatic skills, and are adept at arbitration and keeping the peace.

You are highly civilized and have a graceful air about you.

Your ideals can inspire others due to your skills as an orator.

You appreciate beauty and love arty parties and being a part of the glitterati.

In your personal relationships you need variety, and in your daily life you love being around a lot of people.

Just being with one person for long periods of time can be difficult for you.

You find it hard to accept that there is a dark side to life.

An accusation that can be flung at you by disappointed partners is that you are superficial.

Avoid caffeine and staying up late as your sleep patterns are highly sensitive.