Gemini born on June 12

Planet: Mercury

You are a highly sensitive soul who uses a lot of words to cover up and disguise your vulnerability.

You are prone to sentimentality and can be capricious as your feelings get the better of you.

You have an in-built radar for any criticism coming your way.

As well as being highly adaptable, you have a rich imagination which is very creative.

As born on June 12 you possess innate musical talent, and have a talent for writing lyrics.

Romance thrills you but you can often be attracted to people who don’t return your feelings.

You are worth more and need someone who adores the fact that you wear your heart on your sleeve and appreciates your expressions of love.

Boundaries are an issue; you can identify too deeply with the world’s victims.

Your proneness to colds stems from an inability to allow yourself to cry when you feel sad.