Gemini born on June 10

Planet: Mercury

You are a person who appears older in youth and younger in old age!

You have a social conscience and can work well with the underprivileged, in particular young people.

You are known for your pungent wit and can at times be quite cynical.

As born on June 10 you are clever and study hard to succeed in life.

You can still be studying well into old age.

You hide your pessimism and inner doubt under a veneer of brightness and laughter.

In relationships you are shy and reserved, but partners are drawn to your grace and elegant manner.

You have a common-sense approach to life’s problems, but can’t be as sanguine when it comes to your personal life because of the difficulty you have sharing your emotions with those you love.

You need to be active, and mastering complex dance steps is fun for you.