Gemini born on June 1

Planet: Mercury

You are an effervescent person bubbling over with energy.

You can multi-task and are always up to date with the latest news and gossip.

You have such a quick mind that people who are slow to catch on are often a source of irritation.

Your innate curiosity about life and the entrancing childlike side to your personality keep you forever young – although with this comes an air of naivety.

As born on June 1 you are highly persuasive.

Your biggest assets are your wit and humour.

When in love you bore easily, so you need a partner who is as intellectually lively as you are to keep you mentally stimulated.

Expressing your innermost feelings can be a difficulty.

You can exhaust yourself by talking too much, so getting in touch with your body, and your breathing, by jogging or running is an excellent corrective.