Cancer born on July 9

Planet: The Moon

You are a good humoured, affable and utterly honest person.

You have an enthusiasm and optimistic outlook on life that gets you through the darkest of times – you will always take the positive from a situation.

For you, life has to have meaning, and you can be religious or spiritual.

As born on July 9 you are restless and impatient; a doer rather than a thinker, you can’t abide time wasters.

Your greatness comes from a combination of being in touch with people’s feelings and your vision of a positive future.

You can be outspoken yet charming, so people are beguiled.

You are vulnerable.

A close relationship is important for you.

You need someone who loves to talk as much as you do and shares your philosophy.

You need to let off steam so watching an exciting sport where you can cheer your heart out is excellent.