Cancer born on July 8

Planet: The Moon

You are a magnetic and entrancing person.

You are sensual and very attractive.

You are highly subjective and respond by what you feel at the time rather than with logic.

You can be fretful and it is difficult to get you out of a bad mood once you sink into one.

As born on July 8 you are perceptive and your radar for how others are feeling is superb.

You do well in the fields of psychoanalysis and child welfare.

You can handle death and birth so midwifery is also ideal.

You have a satirical sense of humour and you love busting taboos, but this is not to everyone’s tastes! Your relationship is intense and your partner needs to give constant reassurance if you are not to be irrationally jealous.

When emotions take over, moving your body by cycling or walking near a river will restore you.