Cancer born on July 7

Planet: The Moon

You are a perceptive and kind-hearted person with a fine intellect.

You have original and progressive ideas.

Someone who takes action, you push through your concepts with eloquence and determination.

As born on July 7 you can be a bit of an intellectual snob and struggle to mix with people of a lower class or intellect.

You have an innate talent for beauty and harmony and are gifted at interior design as you have natural homemaking skills.

Feng shui or vastu would appeal to you.

You are a perfectionist and complain when people aren’t up to your high standards of excellence.

Relationships suit you because you need someone to create a balance in your life, but they need to be your intellectual equal.

Love poetry, soft romantic music and a bunch of scented flowers are the perfect gifts to give yourself and share with your beloved.