Cancer born on July 5

Planet: The Moon

As born on July 5 you are an affectionate and devoted person who has high aspirations to fulfil your creative potential.

You have an imperious, almost regal, air about you and naturally take a leadership position.

You work well with both sexes as you are well balanced.

You can be a little conceited at times.

Your weakness reveals itself when others don’t do what you say – you then cut off from them until they obey you.

However, you eventually learn to laugh at yourself which helps bring people back on side; with age you should learn how to resist the urge to control.

You are the star in the show and amateur dramatics will delight you if you’re not a professional actor – you see life as production.

In relationships you jump in heart first and love the idea of love.

You respond to romantic gestures and any gift from a child melts you.