Leo born on July 30

Planet: The Sun

As born on July 30 you are a strong and lively person with a gift of humour.

You have a warm spontaneity about you and a playful way with words which means that you can come out with the perfect one liner at exactly the right time.

You can be the clown, and yet never look foolish or lose your innate self-confidence.

Your quick wit and intelligence is engaging and you are a popular leader.

You are the perfect host or dinner party guest as you keep peple entertained with the latest gossip.

You are well-meaning and honourable, and speak from the heart.

Although you like to be in charge you never take yourself too seriously.

In romance you have a penchant for variety and are inclined to make sure you are always very busy to avoid relating on a deep level.

Your temperament is fire/air so avoid icy drinks as they can upset you.