Cancer born on July 3

Planet: The Moon

As born on July 3 you are a person with a great variety of faces as you adapt brilliantly to whomever you are with.

You can easily imitate others which is great fun for you and highly entertaining for them.

You are sensitive and so can use this gift with skill and not offend anyone.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) is a perfect training and profession for you because connecting with people is what you do naturally.

You are influenced by what others think of you and pick up on atmosphere, so can get unexpectedly depressed.

In relationships you are quixotic which can be confusing for your partner.

You care deeply one minute then are light and breezy the next.

Balance is important for you to maintain; too much talking and empathizing wears you out, so escape for a while and read a good book.