Cancer born on July 20

Planet: The Moon

As born on July 20 you are a down-to-earth, sensual person with a deep connection to the place where you were born.

You have luxurious tastes and appreciate things that are tactile and beautiful to look at.

Good design matters to you and you are able to make a career out of it.

You are kind and helpful in what you say and do, and always offer practical advice.

You are a capable organizer and take a methodical approach to tasks.

A long-term relationship gives you the stability you seek, and you love taking care of your family.

You love to be cosy and are content to stay at home with your beloved.

Nevertheless, you can be stubborn and get irritable when tired, or if you haven’t eaten for a while.

Watch your blood sugar levels and carry a snack with you to keep your energy levels up.