Cancer born on July 19

Planet: The Moon

As born on July 19 you are a considerate person who is very self aware.

Work is important to you and you are professional through and through.

Everything you do is planned to last for the long term.

You are self-reflective and understanding of your own – and other people’s – emotions.

Training is a priority for you.

You could become a family therapist or work in a children’s home.

Although you are well-mannered, you are no pushover and can stand your ground with an writerity way beyond your years.

In a relationship you need time to decide if they are ‘the one’ and won’t be forced into making a hasty decision.

They, in turn, feel you are being elusive.

When upset you can close down and sulk for days.

Rowing is an excellent exercise that strengthens you physically and, being on water, soothes you emotionally.